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by encapsulation at 10:23 PM
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Over the past week or so we have been in the midst of adding a new server to the network, we will release details about that server in another post later on this week. The administration has also been working on revamping the kitmap server with new plugins, builds (including an end world), and a whole lot more. We hope to launch the revamped kitmap server (Kits 2.0) after we roll out the new server that was talked about above. We hope to launch HCF shortly after Kits 2.0 is released. If you have any suggestions please post them in Suggestions forum.

by Tyguh at 10:57 PM
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Good evening everyone,

As most of you have probably noticed by now HCZone has been offline since last night. This is due to our scheduled host transfer. However, the transfer is taking longer than expected, the reason for this being the host not deploying our machine in a timely manor. This is COMPLETELY out of our hands. We can't help the fact that it's down, but rushing host to setup our server will not resolve the issue itself any faster. We are just as upset & angry as you guys. I'll be sure to keep you guys updated about the transfer, sorry for any inconvenience that this has caused.

by Specific at 9:01 PM
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Hi all,

You may have already noticed but, myself and Polski have looked through all the staff applications and we've came to a decision to deny and lock all the current applications due to them being quite outdated now and a lot of the players who had applied had gone very inactive. This is due to the old staff manager, Fanged not sorting out the staff applications and letting them pile on top of each other, sorry for any inconvenience.

It's this time again where we start to review and recruit some new staff to improve our staff team and get ready for HCF Map 2 and the start of both our Faction & Practice servers. We are currently recruiting global Trial Moderators for our Network, we hope to see some more applications come in soon so we can ensure we are ready for the upcoming updates that we have in store for everyone to enjoy. With our recent success of HCF Map 1 we strive to do better than ever and to make sure we have yet another successful server for you all to enjoy, with...
by Tyguh at 8:38 PM
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Good day everyone,

It's time to announce the end of our first map of Hardcore Factions and the future of the HCZone network. This map was rather successful, however various issues have occurred, including multiple attempts to grief.

End of the World
The end of the world event will commence this Saturday at 1 PM EST.

At 12:50 PM EST, all death bans will be cleared.
At 1 PM EST, all factions land will be unclaimed and permanent death bans will take place.
At 1:30 PM EST, the EOTW KoTH will be activated starting with a 30 minute capture time.

After the KoTH has been captured, an FFA event will take place. The winner of this event will receive 3x Tier III Crate Keys towards Map 2 of Hardcore Factions, and the player who successfully capped the End of The World KoTH will receive the Medic Rank.

Regular Factions
This will be the new addition to our network. We're slowly trying to change up our server and make it the...